A little about Getting Lit

Getting Lit started as a series of author interviews about new books over at Entropy. In the series, I talked about the authors’ new books and then crafted custom cocktails to go with the books. For the time being, those ventures will stay at Entropy, where I will continue to curate the series.

My motivation for starting this site was two-fold. First, I work as a spirits writer and the amount of good, boozy stuff that comes through my inbox on a daily basis is too much for the amount of pieces I write for the magazine. Countless cocktails fall by the wayside because I simply don’t have room for them.

Second, eventually, I want Getting Lit to be a podcast. I want to sit and talk with authors, bartenders, and anyone else that wants to talk with me about about books and booze.

This site, then, is where that will all, hopefully, start. I’m going to post cocktails I like/come across, links to bookish stuff, and anything else I find remotely interesting in those two realms. For the time being, I’m going to keep it casual and just attempt to post when I can. As I free up more time, I’ll start posting more frequently and expanding on some other ideas I have puttering around in my head.

For now, though, welcome. And cheers.


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